So what are the latest hot trends in office furniture and design for 2016? Well, study after study has told us that collaboration is the key to a productive working environment. But is there more to a cutting-edge office in 2016 than an open-plan hive of activity? Yes, and it is important to recognise that there are many drivers for office design and innovation, from a rapid increase in technology to a greater need for flexibility. From integrating technology into our workstations to the latest in homily office breakout areas, this post will cover the latest trends in office furniture for 2016 and into 2017.

Promoting CollaborationPromoting Collaboration

Let’s start with the hot topic for office planning and design. Collaboration. Slowly but surely, we’re moving away from the old and tired office design consisting of rows of bland cubicles where no one sees or knows the person who works next to them. It is now recognised that private spaces without the opportunity for collaboration do not lead to greater productivity. Rather, the more people interact and converse with others in the office, the more productive they become and the better quality work they produce.

And it’s about much more than just having an open-plan office. From incorporating community tables, multi-purpose workspaces and comfortable breakout areas, collaboration can be encouraged in every area of the office space.

Technology integration and cable management

Tidy those wires away! With the rapid advance of technology, the modern office desk can end up being covered with a maze of wires, paperwork, laptops and docking stations. Cluttered desks and workstations not only affect productivity but they make the office appear disorganised and unprofessional. As a result, designers and manufacturers are coming up with more ways and clever solutions to hide the wires. With under-desk baskets, vertical cable guides, cable trunking and specific cable outlets and other popular choices already on the market, there are no excuses as to why you can’t have a tidy and professional-looking office in 2016.

Breakout those comfortable seating areasBreakout those comfortable seating areas

Most people now work on lightweight, wireless laptops and tablets. So why be chained to a desk all day? Many innovative companies, including Apple and Google, base their entire office design on having funky breakout areas as the main feature of their workspaces. Comfortable lounge areas and canteens help to refresh and re-energise people, leading to greater productivity as well as the increased levels of collaboration as people chat and work with each other. Many leading office furniture manufacturers have realised this and are now are leading the way in designing amazing ranges of breakout area office furniture.

Forget single-purpose areas – go for multi-purpose workspaces

Cubicles with traditional desks are disappearing from offices all over the world. They are being replaced by multipurpose spaces that can be used for formal and informal meetings and relaxation areas as well as a traditional workspace. The reality in the modern office environment is that workstations are shared by a flexible workforce. Sit-stand workstations play a big part in this as they fully adaptable meaning they can be used by different individual users throughout the day with a minimum of fuss.Workstations are shared by a flexible workforce

How to future-proof your office for 2017 and beyond

Keeping up to date with the latest trends and innovations in office furniture and office design are essential for any business. Rapid advancements in technology and working practices mean that if you want to remain efficient and competitive, you need to keep pace with all of the changes. Achieving this without costly upgrades and re-fits is a must:

  • Investing in good quality, adaptable furniture, such as sit-stand workstations will save money in the long-term when it comes to rearranging your office space.
  • Embrace change – keep up-to-date with the latest trends, developments and ways of working.
  • Multi-purpose workstations and areas are the way to go. Single-use desks and workstations are costly to replace and impractical for shared and collaborative working.
  • Keep your office space clear and tidy and make the most of the available space by going open-plan. That way, it is easier to incorporate any changes you need to make further down the line.

And remember…

Keep an eye on the latest trends and developments in office furniture and office design to ensure your employees are productive, engaged and healthy. At Radius Office we are constantly on the lookout for the latest great designs and innovations. With our expert knowledge, we are always on hand to give advice so why not give us a call today or drop into one of our showrooms.