What is an active workstation?

An active workstation is a workspace that allows you to be less sedentary by encouraging movement while in the office. This can be done by incorporating furniture and accessories that encourage movement and improve posture. The movement of active workstations has certainly been encouraged by the effects of being in one single position whilst working. For example, the effects of sitting for an excessive period of time has been linked to being overweight and obese, type 2 diabetes, some types of cancer, and even early death according to the NHS.

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Is it worth the investment?

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Sitting is obviously unavoidable but avoiding is not the answer here. The answer is to provide alternatives. While browsing around, you may observe that shopping for a healthier workspace can swiftly add up to cost a pretty penny but you don’t have to go on a big spree and bust a hole in your pocket in order to improve your station. Little changes like improving office ergonomics can put you on the right path to having an active workstation to encourage movement and exercise whilst working. Another positive? Investing in an active workspace could help you save in the long run, medical wise. Taking action to prevent those negative effects that can occur can help keep you away from the doctor’s office, consequently helping you to save that hard-earned cash.

Sit less, stand more.

To combat the sedentary position of sitting for long periods of time, invest in an ergonomically designed sit-stand desk. It’s recommended that you take a movement break every 30 minutes. Sit-stand desks provide an easy alternative to sitting by allowing you to speedily and easily change your position from sitting to standing with little to no hassle. Standing desks brings plenty of benefits regarding your health like lowering the risk of weight gain/ obesity, heart disease, back pain, improved energy levels and it can even help boost productivity levels – a perfect addition to your workstation!

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If that isn’t enough to convince you, according to an article by CNN, people who sat for less than 30 minutes at a time have a lower risk of early death. A more affordable yet still effective solution are sit-stand desk mounts. A quick fix for a more active friendly workspace if you are lacking in space to fit a new desk. These height-adjustable sit-stand desktop converters can be directly mounted on top of your existing office tables. Another plus is that desk converters tend to require little to no hassle when it comes to installation as some can even come fully assembled.

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Move with movement chairs.

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As mentioned before, sitting is unavoidable but that doesn’t mean we can’t provide our bodies with some tender loving care while we sit by introducing ergonomic seating alternatives to help strengthen those core muscles. An excellent (and fun) substitute for your ordinary office seat is an ergonomically designed movement chair. These chairs can come in many forms like sit-stand stools, wobble chairs and kneeling chairs.

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The purpose and benefits of movement chairs is to keep your body on a constant state of motion, helping to consistently encourage the strengthening and engagement of core muscles, improve circulation and reduce the risk of back pains. As well as helping to keep your body in optimum form, these ultra-modern motion chairs can also boost productivity. The motion chairs allow for a better reach around your workspace because of the semi-standing position it provides. This enables you to cover a larger surface while reducing the risk of overextension.