Are you spending the entire day at your desk feeling disorganised and flustered? On the off chance that regular errands are slipping off your mind and you don’t have the foggiest idea about what is going on, look no further than your own office desk. Odds are, it is shrouded with papers and things that don’t really have an assigned home. Getting organised does not have to be an annual event. In fact, evidence says that your focus and productivity can be boosted by a regular clean-up of the spaces around you. That’s why we have the tips, tricks and products you need, to keep clutter at bay.

Book clutter in a tornado

#1 Get yourself a storage solution

Drawer Mobile Pedestal Open in Lowland Nut Finish

Choosing the right storage cabinet for your office may seem really hard, considering the size of your space available to you and the cornucopia of materials you need to store. Invest in an option that serves as a storage space, adding extra functionality. For this reason, Radius Office offers a wide range of warrantied storage cabinets in a number of colours, sizes and finishes. This way, your storage products perfectly suit your office needs. The Status Executive 1-Door Closed Storage Cabinet is a great option that works for small and big spaces. Featuring three unique finishes, this solution is a classy and professional way to organize documents and files.

#2 Design your office space efficiently

We understand that the number of choices while choosing office storage can be overwhelming and it may be difficult to visualise what might work best for you. Clever office storage ensures there is less to sift through and more time to actually concentrate on your task. Give us a chance to do the planning for you with our office space planning services . Our experts help you in every step of the process, from design to installation. You can request a quote for specific products from our website, or have our in-house design staff create your perfect office.


#3 File, don’t pile


A study in the US reveals the average worker wastes up to one week a year hunting for misplaced items. It is a known fact that the longer you let paperwork heap up, the more time you waste searching for what you need. The best solution to this problem is to use a filing system. This will enable you to keep your desk organised and also keep documents in the right place. Most filing cabinets have smooth running shelves, locking mechanisms and a choice of smooth finishes to match your personal style.

#4 Invest in cable organisers

Have you ever stumbled over a colleague’s pile of paperwork, packed trash bin, or unruly cords? A recent study by the HSA reported 1700 workplace slips, trips and falls in Ireland in 2017. To prevent this, firstly, remove or toss anything from your desk that is not used regularly. Everything else should go in drawers, cabinets and containers for easy access. Secondly, invest in a quality cable organiser. Peruse our range of cable management tools to be more efficient, energised and decrease workplace mishaps.


#5 Clear your digital clutter


Just because the physical space around you looks neat, it does not mean you’re free from clutter. The “File, don’t pile” mantra holds true whether it’s desk or desktop clutter. Digital clutter creates the same effect on your brain – confusion. It is best to delete those folders, pictures or software that you don’t need anymore, before it ruins your time management. Create different folders and use digital sticky notes and calendars where necessary to help you stay on top of your productivity game.