How to Survive Hot Desking

In response to evolving workplace dynamics, an increasing number of employers are adopting a trend known as "hot desking," which comes with various names such as "hoteling," "dynamic seating," or "agile seating." In essence, this means employees no longer have a fixed workstation but instead need to secure a desk or team room every [...]

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Futuristic Workstations: Innovative Office Furniture Concepts for the Tech-Savvy Generation

As the workforce continues to embrace technology, office furniture and space planning are undergoing a fascinating transformation to meet the demands of the tech-savvy generation. Futuristic workstations are now redefining the traditional office landscape, introducing a range of innovative concepts that seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology. From ergonomic tech integration to autonomous furniture and sustainable [...]

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Promoting Movement and Active Breaks: Enhancing Workplace Well-being the Irish Way

In today's sedentary work culture, finding ways to promote movement and active breaks in the workplace is crucial for the overall well-being of employees. The negative effects of prolonged sitting and a lack of physical activity are well-documented, contributing to issues such as poor posture, musculoskeletal discomfort, and even increased risk of chronic health [...]

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Why Companies are Turning to Modular Office Furniture

As people’s work schedules become increasingly flexible, their office spaces are following suit. With hybrid workers, Gen Z graduates, and post-pandemic recruits coming into the office, it is more important than ever to have a fluid workspace which caters to any and all needs. Modular office furniture is showing how easy it can be [...]

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3 Things to Check Before Buying an Acoustic Pod

Acoustic pods have become more and more popular in offices all around the world. Many major firms treat acoustic pods as crucial aspects of a modern and creative office since it has been shown that 65 percent of office workers believe that noise has a significant impact on their productivity. Soundproof pods provide solace [...]

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Lounge Seating: 4 Reasons to Have It in the Office

Humans are creatures of comfort - as much as we may try to train ourselves otherwise. While the common understanding is that sitting in a significantly comfortable seat while working may make it more difficult to focus, this isn’t necessarily true!  With the great mobility that is provided by laptops, phones, tablets etc. - [...]

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What the Office of the Future Will Look Like

The global pandemic has changed a lot of aspects of the way that we live. One thing that has not gone untouched is the way that we work! After two years of working from home, hybrid working and safety measures in place, one thing is for sure - the office of the past is [...]

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How to Make Your Office More Sustainable

Climate change has been an important and prevalent topic for the past few years. As we come to realise the urgency of taking climate action, we also learn about different ways in which we can reduce our impact on the environment both on a structural and personal level.  It is becoming more and more [...]

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