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A Return to the Office vs Working from Home: The New Normal

After a few months of working from home, employees are transitioning back into the office. In this month's blog, we will look at why people want to work from home and the reasons some may want to go back to the office. Based on our experience in the office furniture industry, we have included a few ways to make working remotely easier and how you can help move safely back into the office.

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How to Boost Productivity by Improving Office Storage

Working in a messy office isn’t much fun. The simplest tasks take twice as long when you don’t know where anything is, and it’s hard to approach your work with a clear your mind when your desk is piled high with paperwork. Here are tips on how to declutter your workplace, including office storage, pedestals, bookcases, tambour cupboards, rollout shelves, shelf dividers and more.

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