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A Return to the Office vs Working from Home: The New Normal

After a few months of working from home, employees are transitioning back into the office. In this month's blog, we will look at why people want to work from home and the reasons some may want to go back to the office. Based on our experience in the office furniture industry, we have included a few ways to make working remotely easier and how you can help move safely back into the office.

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5 Ways the Office will Change When You Return to Work

Due to the recent circumstances, working from the office will not be the same as it used to be before. With the need to integrate social distancing measures in the office layout, we will notice changes that also impact our social behaviour in the work environment. Based on our experience in the office furniture industry, we have listed a few ways in which working from the office will be different going forward.

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How to Design the Ultimate Break Room for your Office

Break rooms are the place where your team members go to take a break from their work and recharge themselves. Therefore, your office break room must have a relaxing environment with an innovative design and comfortable furniture. Read on to find out why break rooms are important and what you should consider while designing one.

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